What bittersweetness…

this is to have remain faithful until the bitter end… Is this how you felt Job? Is this how you felt when you were ridiculed by your friends and your wife begged you to curse God and die… Is this the moment that you had been believing on?  Knowing that God is a Faithful God; knowing that God will never leave you; God can do all things but lie. ‘Bless is she/ he that believes for their shall be a performance of those things as told to her/him by the Lord…’ Amen in Jesus names.  Oh what a wonderful feeling to have remain faithful to the knowledge that God keeps his word.  If he has put a dream; a hope in your spirit believe God.  When others tell you ‘you’ve got nothing,’ and you hear the Holy Spirit saying, ‘Bullshit, you’ve got something bc I gave it to you…’ Please, please, please for God’s sake; believe in God…. Trust in God.

Faith is not about what God ‘can do’. Faith is about what God ‘will do’.  Saving Faith:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/22733

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