I joke about this, but it seems to be a mantra to my life. Seriously, why come broke people enjoy my work; but when it comes to getting producers to invest they hate it? lol Yup I’m laughing through the tears (aren’t we all). I was really encouraged by so many of you who enjoy my work that I decided to contact a producer and have him check it out.

What can I say, he took me from 0-to-60 in 0.07 secs flat. hahaha. But what does he know.  Just let God give me the money and I will produce my own work and laugh at Hollywood for having no taste.

Hey, I have to tell myself something to stay encouraged.

Are you getting why Saving Faith is an important story to me?  Living and keeping faith is definitely a choice that one must make consciously.

No seriously, what does he know?  The Work is good, Amen. So for all of you out there with a dream, especially a dream that was given to you by God, buck up and believe.  Somewhere, somehow God has got to make a way.  I will say one thing, what I’ve heard is true. It takes more than talent to make it in this world.

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