The only thing,

that I want to say is: “life really is too short to be miserable.”  Therefore get serious about what you’re doing. Start looking for “A Brighter Day.”  If you’re not happy then do something that makes you happy.  You know I am not quite where I want to be, but I swear to God I wouldn’t go back to where I used to be.

I did a lifestyle change about 11 years ago.  I left a ‘secure’ cushy decent paying job to pursue this writing thing… lol  And it has been really hard. I mean four years of doing internships (aka work for free), and a string of part-time dead-end minimum wage jobs before I got to scratch the door (never mind a foot in the door) lol.

Still after over five years, I’m still part-time and not in the right market that I want to be; but as God is my witness I wouldn’t change a thing… but I would have started pursuing my dream a hell-of-a-lot sooner…

So let’s all begin looking for:

Please if you haven’t already: check out Saving Faith…

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