Twelve: Acquistion of The Chosen

Hey readers:

If you’ve been following Jirehis Blog then you are aware that Saving Faith is actually the back story to the screenplay I’ve written entitled: Twelve.

I’ve had such a wonder response to Saving Faith that I have been considering to format my screenplay into book format for you all to continue the journey of Rei and Imani who are actually our modern-day Virgin Mary and Joseph who are fated to marry and produce the heir to Jireh’s throne; The 2nd Messiah.  It also loosely follows the gathering of the twelve apostles who are recruited and trained to become the guardians of Mary and Joseph and the disciples of the  Messiah’s disciples.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in reading, let me know.  Depending on the type of response I get, I may go ahead and reformat it and put it up for you to enjoy.

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