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Bloggers, I read my stats just to see if anyone is paying attention… However I do like to go back and read what my readers are reading… I’m very thankful for my readers who have stuck with the convoluted happenings of Saving Faith and read it in its entirety.

So I see quite a few of you have actually gotten thru to the final part; part 12 the enlightenment. Therefore I wanted to go back and share what was so interesting about this blog.

Yea I had to go back and see; this story is actually the back story for the screenplay I wrote called Twelve. But anyway, I had written this at least 3 if not 4 years ago and there have been many more stories and screenplays in-between. It has been like reading a new story

But back to Saving Faith. What I discovered when I went back to re-evaluate it (other than the typos my readers have endured lol), I learned that this really is an important piece of work about faith operating in the lives of ordinary people – like you and like me. I’ve gotten a few emails and replies telling me that this story is strangely interesting and makes use of good observations about life.

But what I really like about the story so far is 1 I like the way it bridges the realms together. We see them not fragmented and removed like foreign discourse; but we see the interplay among them- Heaven; earth; hell. And the same goes for the people, angels and demons. The story really shows us how different spirits operate, control and manipulate the human spirit.

Second I like how the story makes (attempts) parallel comparison from Biblical events and show similar events happening now. I mean we read the Bible and we read the different things that happen to “those” people but we sometimes don’t make the connection that; the things that were happening to them are also happening to us. Therefore, if Grace was with them, than Grace is unto us.

Third, I like the diversity of people and their lifestyles.  For me it tells me that good things happen for bad people and bad things happen to good people regardless of class, race, status, or income levels.  God uses everybody and the devil does too.    We all have a purpose and this reminds me of one of my favorite lines from a movie.  The Shaw Shank Redeemption. “Get busy living, or get busy dying…”

I really am thankful that the Father choose me to write this story.  However I am most grateful that I chose to accept the assignment.  Isn’t that ‘faith and freewill’ operating harmoniously like they were meant to be?  And please continue to share your thoughts and opinions with me; even if we don’t agree. You all are most welcomed.

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