Ho Hmm…

just finished putting my 1st book up for sale. haha. They say true faith is believing in the abilities that God has bestowed on you. Okay, so I’m not an Einstein, Obama or even a Justin Bieber. I’m just one average person with a dream larger than life. I’m like you and all of the other average smuts out there. I wanna do what I wanna do and I want somebody else to pay for it. I’ll rather be making movies. Seriously, making my screenplays into movie; yet here I am reformatting them making them into books.

I hope someone likes my work. I hope someone sees the merit in my work. I’ve heard that we shouldn’t look for validation outside of ourselves; but, but, but… still it matters to be appreciated.

Yea we should appreciate ourselves, and I do. If I didn’t appreciate myself and what I do, I wouldn’t do what I do, right? Does that make sense to you? Or am I along in this crazy place called life trying to negotiate becoming the person I really want to be? Seems like life is hard, but (and I’m hating myself for thinking this) but it’s actually easy. Just have to make a decision and stick to it. Now that’s the hard part. lol

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