You know what’s funny..

I’m actually laughing at myself at the same time.. I mean I’m having a hissy-fit about my flash disk on the blitz, meanwhile my spirit keeps reminding me; is that the worse thing going on in your life right now? You know there are some real people out in the world with some real problems.

Me and my spirit are locked in battle; because yea, my spirit has a point; but still I need to gain access to that flash disk.

Don’t laugh at me, I’m sure you are sitting there too having a real hissy fit bc you are stuck in traffic or the person in front of you in the 10 items and less is actually standing there with a truck load of crap and don’t get me started with the customer rep at the utility Co.; or should I say the lack of customer rep that has you stuck in bizzaro world speaking into the phone to the automated rep who can’t understand plain English. lol

Right now I do feel a little like crying bc it’s the small inconveniences that I’m over here griping about that reminds me of how blessed I really am.

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