Right now I want

To kick myself for not listening to that voice that told me to start putting things on another disk 4 backup.. Why am I so stubborn? Why must I only act when there is a crisis? The time to react is before the crisis occur… I think that’s what I like about the story Saving Faith.  As humans we generally ignore all of the warning signs of impending danger and you see God and his Angels working on our behalf behind the scenes to restore order and balance into our lives.  Yea that’s actually what is going on in Saving Faith.  The devil is placing all of these pitfalls and drama in their lives attempting to keep them from their destiny.  There are signs along the way, but as humans, they mostly ignore them or rationalize them away. Then people want to get mad at and blame God for not delivering us.  Isn’t that’s what’s wrong with Chelsea in Saving Faith? She made a rash of bad decisions, wouldn’t listen to her mother then when all hell breaks loose she wants someone else to come and clean up her mess…


You that sounds like exactly what I’m going through with my flash disk right now.. haha ….

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