my sister called 2 tell me her dog died…. omg!!! I was so sad and so mad… how could I be so attached to that dog?  my feelings are hurt…i’m mad cuz she didn’t tell me when he was sick… i’m mad cuz i couldn’t help… i’m mad cuz he was poisoned and when i went online to read how the poison works/ and antidotes; i wanted to cry… poor Cole had suffered. for the 1st time i understood what it meant to euthanize an animal humanely. i wouldn’t give rat poison to even a rat. nobody/ animal deserves to die from internal hemorraging. omg, my heart goes out to my sister… and I can’t believe i had the audacity to tell her, “next time just tell me the doggie ran away from home…” yup i’m like a little kid who doesn’t handle those kinds of truths very well.. guess now you may understand the story, a little more.. yes being able to accept truth is a very much real part of exercising faith.  Rest in Peace Cole…

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