My Life Is…

Zero!!! Yup it feels like a big FAT ZERO just sticking it’s tongue out at me; making fun of me … I hate this feeling … As a screenwriter I want to succeed; be faithful to the cause; but being human, I am impatient and I grow weary … I know that some of you may not understand the story Saving Faith … But it is a story about the test of my faith .. My questions to God: God do you see me? God do you hear me? God will you deliver me? The story sure is about a boy and a girl … But they represent my personal fight in exercising my free-will and walk of faith with God. Saving Faith is actually a story about that inner fight that we all have with ourselves … I just disguised it as a saga and love story about how we allow FEAR to push us away from our true calling … How we know something; but allow external forces to sway our love walk. Right now my life feels like zero and I know God is listening to my heart … I just hate these feelings …

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