If By Chance…

you see me walking try real hard not to laugh… maybe you could tell me a joke and put a smile on my face… yea that would be swell… wouldn’t that be swell if we greeted each other with a good joke and started each morning after prayer with a good joke between good friends? imagine how sweet the world would be…

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2 Responses to If By Chance…

  1. Force Factor says:

    Just a quick hiya and also to thank you for writing your thinkings on this page. I mysteriously wound up here right after browsing up on loads of celebrity health and fitness stuff over on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I was initially doing! At any rate, thanks again and I’ll try to swing in down the road and read some of your future insights. Thanks!

    • AlM HlGH says:

      thank you so very much. I much appreciate the support and encouragement. I’m always wondering if anyone is reading and if they understand. Thank you very much and keep in touch.

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