I’m doing my day job..

yup while most of you are in bed cuddling up with pillows and pets; or maybe you are caught watching one of many infomercials… Well I’m doing my day job at night… it’s 4:30 a.m. and I’ve got 4.5 hrs more 2 go… Hmm, I wonder if anyone is reading this… It’s cold in here and the scanners blowing up while my mind is shutting down… Yea, I work in broadcast, it’s not exactly where I want to be, but it is better than where I’ve been.  did you read my 1st addition to my story?  It’s really the backstory to the screenplay I’ve written and pitched in Burbanks at pitchfest… Anybody else attend pitchfest? did you have any success?  Care to share? I’m listening… I wanna know if there are any other screenwriters out there wanting to share their frustrations of trying to sell that 1st screenplay.

Hmm, State Police just called a rollover accident involving a pin-in and it’s blocking all lanes on the expressway.  I hope it’s no one I know.  I hope they get them out safely. Hey I can’t help if it’s boring; this is keeping me awake so that my boss doesn’t come in and catch me sleeping…

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